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Transform your mechanical keyboard experience with Tecsee: find your own fingertip touch!


What mechanical keyboard switches does Tecsee have that are right for me?

There are two styles of mechanical keyboard switches made by Tecsee - tactile, and linear. They both perfectly fit the MX switches to meet the usage habits of people who use MX switches, ensuring that the mechanical keyboard switches you choose will perfectly match your keyboard.

Choose Tecsee mechanical keyboard switches to make them more suitable for your keyboard.Tecsee tactile mechanical switches are mostly in medium, medium-high strength, linear mechanical switches have more choices, choose out your preferred mechanical keyboard switches material housing, stem, spring, grams, colours, sounds.

The core of a keyboard lies in its keyboard switches, which affects the keyboard experience, high quality mechanical keyboard switches are durable, we have strict quality requirements for our products.Tecsee Mechanical Keyboard Company is very welcome to customers who need to customise their mechanical keyboards to create custom gaming keyboards, office keyboards, and to create a sense of touch that belongs exclusively to your fingertips.

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We are always devote ourselves to the area of mechanical keyboard switches.
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