The perfect accessory supplier for custom gaming office mechanical keyboards, mechanical keyboard switches and more.

High quality! Tecsee creates desktop electronics facilities just for you.

Want to experience high quality keycaps? Choose Tecsee!

Tecsee, as one of the popular brands for mechanical keyboard switches, we are also able to manufacture other accessories in this area of mechanical keyboards, ready to meet the needs of our customers, such as keycaps, customised mechanical keyboards, mice and so on.

At Tecsee, we strive for perfection, paying attention to the needs of each user, strictly controlling quality and guaranteeing the high quality of each product.

In the video we use Tecsee mechanical keyboard switch - Purple Panda, a Tactile Switch.

The keycaps are made of 126-key PBT with Mars Green keycaps, which are made of two-colour molding technology, the keycaps are durable and provide a satisfying typing experience.

Come and experience the charm of Tecsee with us!

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We are always devote ourselves to the area of mechanical keyboard switches.
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