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Tecsee New Switch - Honey Peach

Bringing you smoother keystrokes and crisper key sounds - Tecsee Honey Peach

 Honey Peach, with a new type of valve stem. Normal mechanical keyboard switch stem is the same material throughout, this time we upgraded it - POM metal stem!

Tecsee New Switch - Honey Peach 1

New stem: POM material is used as the stem shell, and the stem centre pillar is made of metal.


1.The POM metal stem has a crisper sound than the original all-POM stem.

2.The POM metal stem has smoother keys when in use and reduces the friction of the POM stem.

Tecsee New Switch - Honey Peach 2 

Honey Peach switch is made of transparent  PC material as the housing, and with Tecsee's newest valve stem - POM metal stem, it creates a new Linear switch product.

Its button sound is louder and crisper than the normal POM stem.

Tecsee New Switch - Honey Peach 3 

Introduction of Tecsee Honey Peach

Top Material: PC

Bottom Material: PC

POM Linear Stem

Metal Pole: Brass

Single Spring: 52g

| 2.0mm Pre-Travel | 3.5mm Total Travel

| 45g Actuation | 52g Bottom Out .

Tecsee New Switch - Honey Peach 4Tecsee New Switch - Honey Peach 5Tecsee New Switch - Honey Peach 6

High quality! Tecsee creates desktop electronics facilities just for you.
Enhance your keyboard experience: the new Tecsee mechanical keyboard switches!
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