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The use of the mouse is to make the operation of the computer more convenient, the main wired mouse and wireless mouse, wireless mouse is divided into 2.4G wireless and Bluetooth link.




Wired mice are subject to minimal interference from the outside world, and have huge advantages in stability and transmission speed, as well as being less prone to frame dropping, and do not require battery replacement or charging. Return rate is the response time of the mouse, the higher the return rate, the smaller the delay, the smoother the pointer moves. the higher the DPI, the higher the sensitivity of the mouse.




Wireless mouse uses wireless technology to communicate with the computer. Powered by disposable or rechargeable batteries, choosing a durable battery reduces the frequency of battery replacement and improves convenience. A Bluetooth mouse has a larger control range than a 2.4G mouse. It is ideal for users who need to move around a lot.

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