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Tecsee High Quality Mechanical Keyboard Switches


Tecsee's mechanical keyboard switches are all highly innovative products, and Tecsee strives to make them the first choice switches for all kinds of people in the office, typing, gaming and so on. As a professional mechanical switch manufacturer, Tecsee offers consumers a wide range of mechanical switches to choose from, including two main categories - linear switches and tactile switches. Regardless of the type of switch, they are smooth, responsive and quick to rebound, providing users with an unrivalled comfortable experience.

Tecsee mechanical switches are manufactured from a variety of high quality materials including PC, HPE, UPE, Nylon, POM and PME...... Each material has its own characteristics and benefits, giving each switch a unique feel. For users who want to personalise, Tecsee offers a customisation service where they can choose the unique switch they want according to their needs. Whether typing in an office environment or playing a game, Tecsee provides users with an outstanding experience.


Tecsee Stock Switches


Tactile mechanical keyboard switches: Sapphire, Purple Panda, Mango Ice, Coral.

Linear mechanical switches: Ruby, Carrot, Strawberry Ice, Ice Grape, Ice Mint, Jadeite.


Also for example they have both tactile and linear switch options: Ice Candy, Blue Sky, Pudding Medium Switch.


Customised and Unique Switches



As an established switch manufacturer, Tecsee has already customised mechanical keyboard switches for many customers. Mechanical keyboard switches such as Zaku, Massdrop and IVNYR...... are manufactured according to the customer's ideas and Tecsee customises the mechanical keyboard switches according to the customer's desired mechanical keyboard switch form factor, material, housing and colour. Tecsee customises the mechanical Keyboard switches according to the customer's requirements, such as the shape material, the colour of the housing, the travel of the switch, the operating force, the number of grams of the spring. Users can choose the appropriate switch feel according to their own preferences and needs. Personalised switch design not only meets the user's demand for quality, but also increases the pleasure of using the switch.

Users can also choose between different pin counts, i.e. 5-pin or 3-pin, before use. 3-pin switches are comparatively more common due to their higher market share. However, more and more users are now preferring 5-pin switches as they offer more stable performance. This trend shows that the market's pursuit of stability is increasing, and most of Tecsee's switches are designed with a 5-pin pin, which ensures that the switches can achieve sufficient stability in use, and is more conducive to the user's switching stability and feel.

All in all, Tecsee mechanical switches have won over many consumers with their outstanding performance and unique design. No matter what type of switch it is, its smooth feel, sensitive response speed and quick rebound function will provide users with an exceptional experience. Since Tecsee offers a wide range of different mechanical keyboards as well as a customisation service, users can choose the right switches according to their needs. In addition, Tecsee pursues high quality keyboard switches, most of Tecsee mechanical keyboard switches are 5-pin pin, and its stability performance is highly favoured by users. Whether you are a business office worker, a gaming enthusiast, or an entertainment typist, Tecsee mechanical switches can meet your needs and expectations, and will be your good partner.


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